Platinum and Gold Awards of Ringtones

Years ago, ringtones were only downloaded to customize a mobile phone. But now popular ringtones are receiving awards for top download. In Canada, most downloaded tones are now qualified to receive platinum and gold awards. With so many people getting interested in downloading ringtones, there is no doubt that this is going to be a hit in recognizing artists.

Several artists were able to make it to the list and more are getting off the ground to join them. R&B songs converted to mobile phone ringtones are one of the most downloaded songs all over the globe. Not just in Canada, but including neighboring countries whose citizens were fascinated with the melody.

The first award was given last April which recognized 43 tunes that qualified for the platinum award and 17 tunes that qualified for the gold award. Tunes include “Smack That”, a song popularized by R&B icon Akon. The tune was honored an 8X platinum award for gathering a download of more than 320,000. Among the tunes awarded were “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake and “Ridin'” by Chamillionaire, awarded with 6X platinum for gathering more than 240,000 download. Bubba Sparxxx’s “Ms. New Booty” received a gold award for gathering a download of more than 20,000.

To qualify for an award, a tune must be able to reach at least 20,000 for the gold award. For platinum it takes 40,000 downloads for a tune to receive the award and 80,000 for a double platinum award. Awards can go as high as a double diamond if a tune can gather 800,000 downloads. So far since the awarding, no tune has ever reached the margin for a double diamond award. 400,000 downloads is required to qualify a tune for a diamond award.

Though ringtones play a little portion of the industry, it can encourage artist to produce quality and effective tunes that fans will love. The success of the tunes that were able to received awards continues to grow as more and more fans are downloading the tunes. There is no doubt the Akon’s “Smack That” will reach a double diamond award for it’s popularity.

Downloading a tone is simple. A user can visit recognized sites are start downloading. This may require a user a fee of $2.99 to $5.99 before being able to successfully transfer a tone to a mobile phone. Downloading a tone from your favorite artist will definitely help get an award for the tune. These are songs that were converted to tones compatible with most mobile phones. Most of these tones are classified as truetones with a little distinction from the original songs.

There are thousands of downloadable tones over the Internet. Some of these tones are offered free for download, but these tones might not be counted as valid entries for the awards.

Nobody expected this to become possible. Awards are usually given to an artist for successfully selling 50,000 copies or more, but today downloading a tone counts as a valid entry. This addition will allow users to give recognition to their favorite artist by downloading a tone instead of purchasing a copy of it through CD’s.

Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurants Earn Top Awards

Widely recognized as the second-best culinary destination in Mexico behind the much-larger capital, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta represents the ideal locale for travelers hoping to experience world-class cuisine alongside incredible coastal scenery. Recently, eight of the city’s top restaurants received the prestigious Five Star Diamond Award, the top honor from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Additionally, each of Puerto Vallarta’s award-winning restaurants are consistently ranked within the top 50 eateries in all of Mexico. The top restaurants are located in all areas of the city, but each offers unique views of everything from Banderas Bay and the surrounding mountain landscape to some of Mexico’s best beaches and the city’s historic architecture. The cuisine of Puerto Vallarta is just as diverse as the scenery, as foodies will have no trouble finding haute European cuisine, traditional Mexican fare and everything in between. Throughout the year, Puerto Vallarta also hosts several exciting culinary events that highlight the best dishes the city has to offer, while welcoming award-winning chefs from throughout the world.

One of Puerto Vallarta’s most impressive, award-winning restaurants is Le Kliff, named for its stunning location atop a cliff overlooking Banderas Bay. Since 1983, Le Kliff has consistently earned awards for both its cuisine and setting, including recent recognition as “The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Mexico.” The restaurant features an open-air layout with sections of the dining area covered by a large palapa-style roof. Despite the large seating area, every table at Le Kliff offers views of Banderas Bay – where humpback whales can be spotted throughout the winter and spring months and remarkable nightly sunsets add to the unique ambiance. The talented, award-winning chefs at Le Kliff serve up adventurous contemporary cuisine, incorporating advanced culinary techniques rarely seen outside of cosmopolitan dining destinations such as New York City and Paris. Though Le Kliff’s regular menu is known for its worldly approach, the restaurant also utilizes an impressive array of local seafood and native flavors. Le Kliff, owned and operated by natives, is located 25 miles south of the downtown area and is open for lunch and dinner throughout the year. Le Kliff can also be found at prestigious annual culinary events, including Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week and the International Gourmet Festival.

Within the city, foodies can experience innovative restaurants such as La Palapa and Vista Grill. La Palapa is located on picturesque Los Muertos Beach, one of the area’s most popular destinations for recreation and relaxation. Known for its sophisticated, but casual atmosphere, and regular live jazz performances, La Palapa has become a favorite hangout for jet setters and locals alike. La Palapa is open throughout the year for breakfast, lunch and dinner – serving a rotating menu of international favorites and local creations, alongside one of the best wine selections. Vista Grill, located in the south end of Puerto Vallarta, offers contemporary European cuisine with a local flourish. The restaurant features an elegant art-deco interior and terraced outdoor dining area that provides excellent views of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta’s historic downtown area. Other Five Star Diamond Award-Winning restaurants in the area include CafĂ© des Artistes, Kaiser Maximilian, Los Xitomates, Thierry’s Prime Steakhouse and Tikul.

Five Diamond Award Winning Las Vegas Hotels

Tourists visit Las Vegas for the Fancy, Classy, and Luxurious Hotels. Five Diamond Award Winning Resorts give a good indication of fancy. Every year, they look on tens of thousands of North American Hotels and Resort. The award is based on service, amenities, accommodations, and experience.

Las Vegas Boulevard which is more commonly known as The Strip boosts fancy hotels. You will find the Bellagio, Venetian, MGM Grand Skylofts, Four Seasons, and Wynn Hotels. These hotels are the Five Diamond Award Winning Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip.

Except the Four Seasons, these hotels will accommodate all your appetite for gambling in any limit. Be sure to set and know your limits. It is easy to forget when you are having a good time. Four Seasons does not offer gambling. Anyways, the High Rollers tend to stay on Bellagio, Venetian, and Wynn Hotels.

Situated on the Las Vegas Strip, the attractions surround the Four Seasons Hotel like fancy restaurant, fabulous shops, family entertainment, and amusement venues. The numerous attractions are so close that you can walk on foot. The rooms which lovely decorated include en suite bathrooms, soaking tubs, marble vanities, showers, televisions, fireplaces, and telephones. The hotel offers out of this world amenities like on-site restaurant, pool, gym, bar, and more. With large windows at night, the elegance fills the bar.

Located at the top of the MGM Grand, the MGM Grand Skylofts sits high above the vibrant and exciting the Strip. The elegant two-story accommodation, private sanctuary, innovative design, and sleek bedrooms cater for the sophisticated and contemporary travellers. Tony Chi modeled the lofts like the New York style lofts. Sitting high above the strip, the lofts offer the mesmerizing and stunning Vegas skyline. The privileged access to exclusive restaurant, spa, salon, gaming, and entertainment seduces the discerning travellers. The gaming is absolutely great, but it is not as fancy and flashy as the Bellagio and Wynn.

The incredible Bellagio Hotel is a modern Mediterranean themed hotel. It includes restaurants, bars, salon, swimming pool, meeting rooms, gym, entertainment, boutique, business center, and casino. The huge casino floor holds 2,700 slot machines, 140 game tables, and 30 poker tables. In front of the hotel, a thousand fountain dances to an orchestra music. The elaborate conservatory and botanical garden, art gallery, glass flowers, and tallest chocolate fountain is a must see.

With strong emphasis on uncompromising quality, service, luxury, and place, Steve Wynn designed and developed the Wynn Casino Resort and Hotel. The hotel stimulates the guests with Esplanade Shoppes, fine dining, golf course, Ferrari dealership, and displays. This hotel is the latest and best of his creation so far. Before the Wynn, he was instrumental with Bellagio, Mirage, and Treasure Island Hotels.

Close to famous attractions, casinos, malls, airport, the luxurious Venetian Hotel draws many guests annually. The hotel elegantly features LCD TV, safes, CD players, DVD players, Roman shades, and fast internet connection. The bathrooms luxuriously feature marble fixtures, large tubs, and separate glass showers. As the hotel name, the hotel was designed with an Italian theme. The Gondolas take the guests from the mall to the hotel lobby as the gondoliers serenade the riders in the gondolas.

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Personal Diamond Awards

The Olympic Games are a global celebration of challenge, performance and achievement. Around the world, viewers thrill to see who takes home the Bronze, Silver and Gold. I enjoy looking deeper, silently granting “Personal Diamond Awards” to anyone who goes faster, higher or longer and achieves a “personal best.”

What would the Olympics be like if we officially included the Personal Diamond Awards?

Imagine an athlete who wins the bronze medal as well as a Personal Diamond. How would that athlete react? How might the audience respond? Would the bronze medalist begrudge the silver or gold medal winners? Not at all. Would the silver and gold winners offer their sincere and heartfelt congratulations? Absolutely.

Imagine an athlete who wins no medal at all, yet still achieves a Personal Diamond. Would he go home beaten and dismayed? Or elated by his achievement? Would his compatriots be disappointed or encouraged?

Imagine an athlete who wins the gold medal with a Personal Diamond performance. How would the audience and athletes respond to that record-setting personal and global achievement?

Now think about your family, your company and your department. How might life around you be enhanced by granting Personal Awards? Would you see customer service improvement in your workplace?

Would others be inspired by recognition of their “personal best” in service, sales, teamwork, speed or innovation? Would they be more willing, more engaging, or more helpful and encouraging towards others? Of course they would. Customer service improvement would become the norm!

Now think about yourself. What personal bests are you aiming to reach today? Is it focus, attention, commitment, generosity, forgiveness, responsibility or relaxation?

How would you feel about a Personal Diamond Award extended from those who know you well? How would you feel about a Personal Diamond that you recognize and award to yourself?

Key Learning Point To Inspire Customer Service Improvement

We perform in the Olympics of our lives every day. Whatever the field of your endeavor or the circumstances you face, your life deserves your very best. Pinpoint it and enact a customer service improvement today.

Action Steps To Inspire Customer Service Improvement

The next time someone achieves a personal best, acknowledge them with a Personal Diamond Award. They will feel stronger and more committed. You’ll feel terrific, too. Plus, customer service improvement efforts will likely continue.